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How It Works

As a New York Times Insight Panel member, you may expect to be contacted three or four times a year, on average, to participate in survey research.

Most contacts will be by e-mail. Our e-mail survey invitations will be identified as coming from The New York Times Insight Panel in both the "From" and the "Subject" lines, and will contain a direct link to the survey questionnaire.

Panelists who have not had a chance to respond to a particular online survey within 5-10 days of the original e-mail invitation may receive a reminder e-mail.

Occasionally you may be contacted by mail or phone and invited to participate in a special survey, focus group discussion or personal interview. Survey participants are randomly selected from among all Insight Panel members. Consequently, while some panelists may be contacted more than the average, others may be contacted less frequently; we cannot guarantee your selection for any particular survey.

Panel members are asked to participate for a two-year period and may be asked subsequently to renew their membership for another term.